Orientation 2022

Getting Ready for September 2022!

Other Information:

See our Extra-Curricular page under the Students section.

Click here for a student discussion of some of the opportunities to get involved at VJH.

Families may also want to check out the Student Agenda which includes the updated daily schedule for September, as well as student expectations.

Virtual Tour

VJH School Tour for New Students.mp4

Is your family new to the Villanova Junior High Catchment Area?

This section does not need to be completed for students coming from Holy Family or Topsail Elementary. If you are new to our school zone please ensure that you complete the following documents from the NLESD, as per PROG 311-School Zoning, Student Registration and Transfers:

To determine your zoned school and for other important information regarding student transfers please visit the NLESD website: https://www.nlesd.ca/schools/backtoschool/registration.jsp

You can feel free to e-mail all necessary forms to dalelambe@nlesd.ca. You will also be asked to provide the following prior to being notified of your child's acceptance: