School Development

Welcome to the Villanova Junior High School Development Page for 2021-22. For more information on the School Development Model here in Newfoundland and Labrador click HERE.

Villanova Junior High School is a learning community that exists to enrich the lives of students by improving student achievement and motivation in a safe, caring, and healthy collaborative learning environment.

Goal 1: To improve student achievement across the curriculum within an inclusive environment.

Objective 1.1: To continue to enhance instructional practice to improve teaching and learning.

Objective 1.2: Further enhance the collation and analysis of achievement data to inform instruction and improve student achievement.


1.1.1 Develop Learning Skills for Generation Next/Deep Learning in classrooms and through a learning commons

1.1.2 Continue implementation of learning block structures in more elementary classrooms and introduce learning blocks in junior high

1.1.3 Continue Restorative Justice practices

1.1.4 Continue to expand teachers and student’s knowledge of formative assessment and the importance of feedback


1.2.1:Continue school wide data practices

1.2.2 : Continue to develop supports to address the needs of at risk students

Goal 2: To continue to foster wellness, respect and safety in a caring and inclusive school environment.

Objective 2.1: To Continue to enhance student and staff physical and mental wellness.

Objective 2.2: Continue to enhance the caring and inclusive culture.

Objective 2.3: Enhance the collaborative culture.


2.1.1 Enhance student physical wellness

2.1.2 Enhance student mental wellness

2.1.3 Enhance staff wellness


2.2.1 Improve the caring and inclusive environment school wide


2.3. 1 Encourage and develop student involvement within a collaborative school culture